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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Free play and organic veg

We are staying overnight at my mums house, a little treat that happens every few months when nanny visits my sister. As far as the children know its because we need 'to look after the bunnies' but the reality is both that the pool workshop is at my mums and staying there gives us a whole day catching up on cleaning and maintenance AND that we get to enjoy little luxuries like an evening watching TV on a sofa & lovely hot showers!!
The only occasional downside to this though is a slight over exposure to Nickelodeon Junior, Cheerios for breakfast and all of the noisy, merchy toys that the kids love but for our own sanity we have diverted to nannies house.
Whilst here this morning we've chosen to watch Muppet Treasure island, which if you've never seen it actually makes a good effort to keep to the story and has the bonus of Tim Curry).
Newt is happily playing with her favourite toy here, my nieces old Polly Pocket dolls. It's lovely quietly sitting with but not involved with her whilst she discovers the new games she can play with them. She is oblivious to the expectations of girly toys, and is blissfully unaware of any imperfections, like one missing a head, and even that one is a boy, he gets dressed up in the same glorious gowns like all the others. For me though, the highlight was where she turned to me to ask to make them a little computer. I hesitantly asked why? Apprehensive that technology had so deeply permeated her life so soon, I did chuckle when she told me it was because otherwise they couldn't order their veg box and they'd all be hungry without any food to eat! Go Polly

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